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After defeating Zarra and Darklin, our newly formed hero kept a promise to his father to spread his wings and travel beyond the Vale Islands.  Despite her attempts to take over and engulf the world in darkness, our hero successfully defeated her and emerged victorious!

Everyone celebrated the Blue Wizard's success!  They all dined on cookies and other foods.  They even had cake and that's no lie.  But the celebration was short lived, as a mysterious portal whisked away our blue hero into another world...

Before he had a chance to get a bearing on his surroundings, an unknown creature attacked him out of nowhere!  After breaking off with our audience kept on the edge of their seats, what has happened to our blue hero. . . ? Our story now continues in this unknown scenario. . .


* A new Quest Log System!  Keep track of your main and side quests!

* Developed in a new engine of Rpg Maker!  Rpg Maker MV!

* Voice overs return!  With over 800+ lines of dialog featuring three new main characters!  The Blue Wizard silence is broken and has his own voice as well!  David Camperman makes his return from 2nd installment to voice over the third game!

* A new side battle view of combat!  Featuring dramatic camera and voices from party members!

* A new fast travel system for the world map makes to the third installment!

* Laughs return as new fourth wall references, parodies, and sassy smart chests enter into the adventure!

* Unlockable content after the main story, three difficulties to play from, & bonus features included! 

Visit our site below for more information.  There's also a downloadable DEMO for you try out as well!  http://www.ultimacjproductions.com

An official game guide is also available for purchase!


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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DOAW3 Beyond the World SETUP.exe 1 GB

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DOAW3 DEMO.exe 937 MB


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Thoroughly enjoying the game thus far but I seem to be stuck in Springfield Tower, Fl 11. I've read the signpost that is supposed to reveal the hidden switch, but I've clicked all over the place, especially those rows under -><- and I seem to be at a dead end. All of the other puzzles were pretty straight forward. I've exited and reentered the tower a couple of times hoping to get another clue or even a forfeiture of rewards in lieu of an instant pass, but no luck. Any further advice? TYIA.

To solve the puzzle:  Line yourself with up the horizontal arrows with the vertical arrows until they intersect on the bottom room.  When they match up kind of like this >^>. Head to the 2nd part of the room with all the fake arrows.  Line yourself up with the arrows pointing up from the previous room that intersect.  On the bottom room they show 4 arrows starting from the bottom where they intersect.  With that visual clue in mind, move exactly four steps north from bottom of the 2nd room where room #1 points up.  Hitting your action button on this specific tile reveals a hidden switch which opens the way to the next floor.

That was certainly a can't see the forest for the trees moment for me. Thanks for the reply. I can move on now. :)